Terms & Condition


  • For Resident: Passport copy & Resident Visa copy
  • For Tourist: Passport copy with Entry stamp / Tourist Visa Copy.
  • Driver on a resident visa must have a valid UAE driving license that is a minimum of 6 months old.
  • Driver on visit visa must have a valid international license issued by the country of origin along with the national license.
  • Driver must in all cases be 22 years or above of age. While driving Driver must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The only driver whose license is in the agreement is authorized to drive the vehicle. The additional driver can be added with an additional cost of AED 30/day. Noncompliance with the above will not be acceptable to the insurance company and no claim will be entertained.


  • Non-refundable Rental amount in advance. Credit card copy will requires for front page only. Cheque is issued in favour of “Faiz Ahmad rent a car LLC”.
  • In case of bounced cheque, applicable bank charges of AED 250/- will be borne by the customer.
  • In case the renter provided a debit or credit card of other party, all the legal
    consequences the renter will be responsible.
  • If the lessee fail to pay the outstanding amount in full or partial, FAIZ RENT A CAR
    reserve the rights to add penalty of 12% and all courts & lawyers’ fees & charges.
    Fuel will be charged on consumption.
  • The Event for late check-in the access charges applied.


  • You can rent some cars without deposit.
  • Security deposit is AED 1000 that can be deposited as Cash or blocked from your Credit Card. The deposited amount is refundable after 30 days of off-hire.
  • Fuel will be charged on consumption
  • The Event for late check-in the access charges applied.


  • All our vehicles are comprehensively insured. Your liability will be limited to AED 1,500 in case of an accident due to your fault and “Hit and Run” where a third party is not identified. This insurance excess can be reduced to AED 300/Month by taking SCDW at an additional cost at the time of signing the agreement. The police report is required mandatory in all cases.
  • Under carriage tires and windshield damages are not cover by the CDW insurance. The
    full cost and charges of such damages are borne by the renter at all time.


  • It will primarily be your responsibility to bring the vehicle for service and maintenance since we will not be aware of the Kilometer reading. We will also monitor and remind you as when service is overdue. You will need to contact our operations department at least 24 hours in advance to make suitable arrangements for service.
  • We will provide a replacement vehicle during maintenance and accident repair. In case of accident, replacement will be provided after the original police report is handed over to us. Replacement vehicle will be from our replacement fleet and be similar vehicles but not necessarily the same make and model.
  • Vehicle Natural break-down on the middle of the road will be bare all the charges 50%
    by lessee and 50% by lessor, and customer fault will be bare by customer in case of no
    accident police report.
  • In case of any replacement car due to some breakdown and damages the rent will
    remain the same.
  • Lessee should make sure the sticker of oil change is updated and the car kilometers is
    not exceeded if the car is kilometers exceeded and the car is due for the service the
    customer should report for replacement immediately in such case if the customer used
    overdue car any damaged or breakdown will be bare by the lessee.
  • In case of overheating the car engine, it’s a responsibility of the lessee to stop the car
    and report it immediately to our fleet team, in such case the engine seizer will be bare
    by the lessee.


  • Our offer is based on maximum use of 8000 Km per month. Daily & Weekly 300/day.
  • Additional use will be charged at the rate of AED 0.50 fils/Km for Saloon and SUV respectively.
  • Salik charge will be AED 5.
  • To pay the knowledge fees as per the government charges and in addition a 10% administrative surcharge on all fines and a 25% surcharge will be applicable on all toll charges as a service charge. All charges and fine have to be paid in full within 3 days of intimation.
  • To accept and pay for all fines, road tolls, road taxes, and expenses incurred through
    violation of traffic, municipality, and local laws. Owner reserves the right to charge these
    to the hirer’s account or credit card or transfer on to the driving license without
    approval irrespective of delay and with no preset time limit.
  • In case of Yoko Traffic file discrepancy with authority by lessee non-payment or major
    accident or incident lessee will bare all the charges.
  • To return the car the customer has to come to the office. Car return timings are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. No car will be taken from the customer after 6:00 pm. The company does not provide the service of car pick up at the time of returning the car. Failing to return the car to the office can result in a penalty and the contract may not be closed and rental will be continued.
  • FAIZ RENT A CAR not taking any responsibility of any belonging’s baggage or any other stuff during and after the rental time at either customer return the car or Yoko recover the car.
  • Delivery and Pickup is only applied in Dubai, no delivery will be made to any other emirate. Delivery charges are AED 50.00/-. Delivery charges may vary depending on the rental agreement
  • To pay for any loss, damage, rental, legal, and service charges for the period the vehicle is impounded or taken over by the traffic department, police, RTA, the municipality, or any other government authority for any offense committed by the hirer.
  • FAIZ RENT A CAR can recover the vehicle at any time if the lessee left vehicle idle for
    long time without informing or if the authority informs us to move or recover the car.
  • In case the vehicle impounds or taken by any authority the lessee is fully responsible to
    release the vehicle and bare all the financial formalities & charges of the authority.
  • Owner shall have the option to terminate the contract, take possession of the vehicle and charge early termination fees in case the hirer misuses the vehicle, uses the vehicle for illegal or criminal activities makes frequent accidents, frequent traffic fines. Not pay the rental charges or any other amount due to the owner beyond 7 days from the due date.For early termination by the hirer or the owner due to any reason. Daily / Monthly / Weekly contract rentals will not be refundable for the remaining days.
  • Undersigned means, sometimes physical signature & sometime digital acceptance.
  • This addendum is subject to auto accept withing 5 days from the date of Issue in case the lessee not acknowledge.
  • The undersigned (Hirer/Lessee) fully agrees & accepts all the terms & conditions,
    Payment terms of present contract and undertake to settle all the accrued amount
    pending and running amount in the event of the above cases occurred with immediate
    effect, I the undersigned Hirer/Guarantor accept all the term & conditions printed or
    digitally viewed and accepted & reserve the rental agreement and undertake to settle
    any amount occurred in the event of the above cases which may occur in future as well
    as, I hereby confirm fully acceptance in all terms and conditions by duly authorizing with
    my signature given below or digital acceptance plus signature.

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